How we work on a wedding day


This is a fantastic time to capture not photos of the small details
(such as attire, jewelry, the venue) and hair/makeup preparations,
but it is a great time to capture natural candid moments as the
couple and their wedding parties get ready and anticipate the day.
During this time we are able to be in two places at once if the
partners are getting ready in separate locations in order to
photograph both parties. Please plan a minimum of one hour,
preferably an hour and a half if you would like preparation time



During ceremony time we are 100% candid
and are very respectful of not being a distraction from the ceremony.
With outdoor ceremonies, we are able to capture a variety of angles
and really utilize the space. Even though we never pose a
distraction, please check with the person officiating your ceremony
and ask them about any restrictions they may have for photographers-
often there are some restrictions in place which we need to know
about in advance.

Post Ceremony


Traditionally this is the best time to take formal family photos and wedding

party photos. I always suggest designating one family member on each partner's

side who knows the families well to round up family members post ceremony

to alleviate stress on the couple. Time needed for family portraits varies depending

on how many members on each side you wish to include. Some couples opt to keep
things simple and only include immediate family/grandparents, while
others want to include their full extended families which require
much more time to be planned into the schedule-once the final details
of your day fall into place I will review your timeline with you and
suggest how much time may be needed. Once these formal portraits are
completed, the couple is taken for portraits around the
grounds of the venue. With a married couple I need a minimum of 20
minutes, but always love it when I am given more time than



I always assume that couples are
uncomfortable in front of a camera since most have very little to no
experience with professional photos. I will always tell you exactly
where to go and what to do during portrait time- but even though I
may be giving you a lot of instruction, this time is meant to capture
who you are as a couple and how you interact naturally. Often,
although I am posing you, the photos I am taking occur in between the
actual poses- when you crack a joke at each other, laugh, or smile



Receptions are shot candidly, unless
otherwise requested. I love capturing the events as they unfold
naturally, capturing genuine smiles, and real emotion between you and
your guests. Once there is no longer ample natural light, I use both
on camera and off camera lighting, depending on the needs of the



I shoot with 2 cameras on me for
the majority of the day. My main camera body records to 2 memory
cards simultaneously, acting as an instant for of digital backup of
images. I bring with me a third camera just in case, but it really
never leaves my bag. Once I leave a wedding I backup all images in
triplicate as a safeguard. I hold a 1 million dollar general liability insurance

policy in addition to insurance on all of my equipment. Many venues ask to see a certificate

of insurance from your photographer and I am happy to provide this to your venue if needed.



Within two days after the wedding I always send a

small preview (a handful of about 10 images) to tide

you over! The full set is ready for you to view
within 8 weeks after the wedding, and your usb is mailed out to you
aprx 1 week after the gallery is sent to you online. Weddings are all
so unique that there is no standard number of images which are turned
over to you, but on average a typical 8-10 hour wedding will yield
700-800 photos. I cull and edit the images before they are released-
you will not want to see every single image that is taken from the
wedding day- so I release to you those which tell the story of the
day in a flattering, aesthetically beautiful way, which are not
duplicates. Images are edited very naturally- I do not add/remove
elements, alter bodies, or apply heavy filters. Very light, natural
facial retouching on the closeups of the bride and groom are done if
needed. Images are sent to you in high resolution with a print
release- which means you have right to print them on your own through
a consumer site if you wish.

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