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Hi! I’m Ginny, the owner and principal photographer of Retrospect Images and I have the best job in the world-telling love stories. Each wedding day I have the honor of photographing is unique and I hold each couple close to my heart as I document the small moments, big emotions, and precious memories as they unfold on a wedding day.


My style is a unique signature blend of emotional candid moments, dreamy portraits, and styled details which capture not just how the day looked, but how it felt. Golden natural light is my best friend and getting clients comfortable in a way that elicits real laughs, evokes genuine romance, and captures your true dynamic is my favorite.


I find that I have relationships with my clients that are more along the lines of a friendship, which makes a big difference in comfort level on your wedding day.


I’m a mother, a wife, a sister, and a daughter. I am quirky and sarcastic and can find humor in just about everything. Many of my clients state in their reviews that having me by their side for the duration of their wedding day to help guide, share a laugh or be a listening ear, and create heartfelt moments between you and your love was a huge part of the day.


With nearly 150 weddings under my belt, each couple remains permanently etched in my mind and each has left me with a warmer heart and brighter outlook on the word, its people, and how they love.


Thank you for trusting me with your memories. I can’t wait to capture your love story.


Many people may not realize it, but your wedding photographer is the one person who will spend the ENTIRE day with you. It is so important that you feel you have found a good match in your wedding photographer both on a stylistic level but also on a personal level. My clients not only walk away in love with their photos but also feel as though they had an extra friend by their side on the day because clients who book me feel a personal connection to both my work and their comfort level in knowing that I will take care of them on their day and make them feel comfortable. Professionally I am business minded, on top of everything, and one step ahead of the game to ensure that everything is covered. Personally, I am easy-going, quirky, and silly. I find humor in just about everything, am a master at laughing at awkward situations, and love finding ways to incite laughter and genuine connection in front of my camera. I will never ask you to "fake laugh for the camera" or "whisper something romantic in her ear" or put you on the spot. Instead, I ask questions, provoke conversation, give direction, and throw in a good dose of sarcasm and humor.


I am not the photographer who has had a camera in my hand since I was a child- In fact, I am 100% self taught and build my business from zero experience to my full time job in just two years back in 2012. My prior experience as a teacher comes into good use at weddings- having a loud voice capable of giving direction to large groups during large family group photos and knowing how to manage the groomsmen who are sometimes a little too similar to my 11 year old boys used to be are just a few ways in which I see the teacher in me come out.


Food and coffee is the definitely the way to my heart -I can never eat too many baked goods and I have never met a burger I didn't like. I will find your wedding cake, and I will eat it. (After I photograph it...)


I adore animals.... all animals. The weirder, the better. Sloths, llamas, cats, goats, narwhals, you name it. In our own household we have two cats, a chinchilla, a bearded dragon, and a tank of multiple lizard-like-creatures that my husband collects from our backyard - and I feel like there are never enough animals around. I have photographed many weddings with animals from dogs to alpaca in them. I have shot an engagement session with cats in bow ties (spoiler alert: the cats were NOT thrilled). Many of my clients enjoy bringing their animals along on their big days or to their engagement sessions.


As a parent of two children, I see weddings differently than I did prior to motherhood. My lens often focuses on emotional moments between parents and children - your fathers tears as he watches you walk away from him at the end of the aisle, your mother and new mother in law supporting one another during your first dance, or your mother's eyes as she dances with her son who once was a baby and in a blink is now grown and married.


But above all else, I love connection. My personal life and work seek out genuine, meaningful connections. Whether I am shooting portraits, capturing candid moments, or capturing you getting ready for the day, authenticity and creating space for genuine connection to unfold is key.











(Headshots courtesy of Mex Sexton Photography, behind the scenes photos courtesy of Meo Baaklini)
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